Technical Designer



Epic Student Sizzle Reel Finalist 2020

BUAS Y2: Audience Choice

BUAS Y2: Best Art


In this project I worked on: blueprinting for throwing, interactables. Balancing, playtesting & bugfixing. Implemented animations. Created & implemented most particle effects. Implemented audio.


When blueprinting, I always make sure to avoid creating spaghetti and instead create straight flowing logic from left to right, commenting blocks and adding tooltips along the way.

As a technical designer, I can create the logic and also balance it at the same time.

By grabbing some people from inside and outside the team to quickly test the feature I am working on, I can balance it immedietly and submit it to the project in a good starting quality.

Implementing Animations

This project was the first time I worked with Unreals animation tools.

To get this result I had to learn how to use animation graphs, states, animation blueprints, blendspaces, skeletal physics controls and layered blending by bones.


During the project, we followed a pipeline where I could design features, implemented them and then have them QA tested.

In this stage I would assist in bug-fixing. If they worked as intended, we would perform playtests and use the feedback to make plans for iterations and start the cycle again.